Personal Recollections of Johannes Brahms (1907) by George Henschel: The Journal, p.28, July 8, 1876

Sassnitz, on the island of Rügen,

Saturday, July 8, 1876

Arrived her last night. The diligence was delayed by one of the heaviest thunderstorms I can remember, and I did not pull up at the little hostelry, which also contains the post office, until half-past eleven; but in spite of the inclemency of the weather and the late hour, Brahms was there to welcome me and we had an hour’s chat in the little coffee-room. Then he returned to his lodgings down in the village, whilst I came up here to the hotel on the Fahrnberg, where, however, to my great delight, Brahms is going to have his mid-day and evening meals regularly.

Rugen, Sassnitz, Strandpromenade, date unknown, postcard published by Bruck and Sohn in Meissen, Germany. Image courtesy of University of San Diego.


The illustration of Sassnitz is not in Henschel’s book.

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