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Personal Recollections of Johannes Brahms (1907) by George Henschel. Some Letters from Johannes Brahms to George Henschel (Thun, 1887, Ischl, 1892 & Vienna, 1892)


(To London)

Thun, Switzerland, August, 1887.

Menuetto grazioso da capo e poi lo stesso con variazioni elegantissimi ed ancora dal segno e da capo col repetizione, etc. …

Coridali saluti!




Graceful minuet from the start repeated with elegant variations, then again from the sign, then from the start with repetition, etc. …

Best regards!

J. B.

Thun, Switzerland, 1900.



(To Vienna)

Ischl, Sept., 1892.


Every day I hope to start for Vienna, but cannot say for certain when it really will come to pass. I should be truly sorry if I were to miss all the beautiful things you are going to do there besides my D-major. (Henschel’s footnote. I conducted among other things other works, Brahms Second Symphony at one of the “Guest Concerts” arranged by the committee if the Vienna Musical and Theatrical Exhibition of ’92.)

But I sincerely trust you’ll be induced to extend your visit for a little longer, and I may still have an opportunity of endearing myself, to the utmost of my capacity, to your ladies.

Hearty greetings.



(To London)

Vienna, Dec., 1892.


How I am looking forward to the moment when I shall be able to write you a chatty letter in comfort; and to the moment, above all, when I shall be working on that ballad – which, however, will be an elfin-story, and for your wife, not for you.

Alas! Post Festum I had to hear the people here rave about her and her enchanting singing!

Lady Helen Henriette Claughton (Henschel), (1882-1973). Artist and date so far unknown.

In the mean time heary greetings from

Yours ever,

J. Br.


The portrait of Henriette Claughton (Henschel), George Henschel’s wife, is not in Henschel’s book.

This is the final post in the Brahms-Henschel project. If you have followed the whole project I hope you have enjoyed it and I would like to end with this video, which is, I hope, a suitable coda.

Barry Mitchell

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