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Award Winning Composer Francesco Pirrone presents his new single “The Hero”

Francesco Pirrone is a composer of fantasy music and is releasing a new single, “The Hero”, as a follow-up to his previous two works “Beyond the Portal” and “The Forbidden Path”, which have received thousands of streams to date and gained attention from fantasy radio stations such as Radio Rivendell. Francesco was recently awarded the Premio Troisi 2022 for his activity as an up-and-coming media composer.

Francesco Pirrone

Francesco is a full-time dreamer who uses music as a way to create imaginary worlds that lure his listeners away from reality, even if just for a few minutes.

With his last two singles “The Forbidden Path” and “Beyond the Portal” Francesco leans towards a new sound where the piano becomes the main instrument, and leads the rest of the orchestra.

“The Hero” continues in the same direction, it’s an elegant and paced cinematic piece that gracefully alternates modality and tonality. The whole track is guided by the piano whilst a lush orchestra provides a breathtaking sonic landscape.

Those who like film soundtracks, epic metal and cinematic music, will love Francesco’s work.

“The Hero” by Francesco Pirrone is out August 5th.

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