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Purcell Project sample: On Our Saviour’s Passion Z.197

November 13, 2019

This post includes a sample of Theory of Music’s Purcell Project.  The aim of the project is to produce high quality digital versions of the 1842 edition of Purcell’s opera Bonduca published by The Musical Antiquarian Society, together with the complete edition of Purcell’s sacred music published by Novello c. 1850.  The digital versions will be available for free download.

The pdf of the Novello edition of On Our Saviour’s Passion can be downloaded from this link:

Music Scan of On Our Saviours Passion

For more information about the Purcell Project see

On Our Saviour’s Passion is a sacred song for voice and basso continuo with a text by Francis Quarles.  It was first published in 1688.

Text of On Our Saviour’s Passion Z197

The Earth trembled, and Heav’n’s clos’d Eye
Was loth to see the Lord of Glory die;
The Sky was clad in Mourning, and the Spheres
Forgot their harmony; the Clouds drop’d Tears:
Th’ambitious Dead arose to give him room,
And ev’ry Grave did gape to be his Tomb.
Th’affrighted Heav’ns sent down Elegious Thunder;
The World’s Foundation loos’d to lose its Founder.
Th’impatient Temple rent her Veil in two,
To teach our Hearts what our sad Hearts should do.
Can senseless things do this, and shall not I
Melt one poor drop, to see my Saviour die?
Drill forth my Tears, and trickle one by one,
‘Till you have pierc’d this Heart of mine, this Stone.


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