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The Crazy 88 Debut album by Summer Swee-Singh

June 21, 2016

Press release from Summer Swee-Singh, June 2016.


Summer Swee-Singh’s debut original album, titled Summer Swee-Singh & the Crazy 88, will be released on Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 in both digital and physical formats–digitally for download/streaming on iTunes, Amazon [currently accepting pre-orders here: People can preview 30 second clips of each track/ pre-order the album here on Amazon: . ].

Also on Tidal, Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTubeMusic, GooglePlay, etc. and physically in CD format (unsigned/signed options) on her official website at under “Featured Merchandise”.

Summer Swee-Singh & the Crazy 88 is an experimental contemporary classical album which features ten instrumental, acoustic, piano-driven tracks. Six of the pieces were composed solely by Summer over the past eight years and the remaining four pieces were improvised on the spot, recorded live in one take each.

The album features her most recent compositions “JFN” (solo piano, track 3; composed in 2016) and “Samina” (viola-piano duo [Nils Bultmann – viola], track 4; composed in 2015). Summer is a 27-year-old pianist, music arranger, music director, and composer based out of Orange County, California.

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