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What is Musical Orbit all about? Founder Nicole Wilson explains.

April 29, 2015

Founder of Musical Orbit Nicole Wilson interviewed by Barry Mitchell.

Musical Orbit was launched at an event at The Nave, Bishopsgate, London, on Monday 20 April 2015.  So what is Musical Orbit all about? Founder Nicole Wilson answered my questions.

Nicole Wilson, founder of Musical Orbit.

Nicole Wilson, founder of Musical Orbit.

What is Musical Orbit?

Musical Orbit is a platform for music lovers across the globe to access professional musicians.

We offer live, online lessons, free webinars and advice through our youtube channel.

When and why was Musical Orbit set up?

I set up Musical Orbit at the end of 2014 in order to help musicians who had just left music

college and were struggling to get through the highly competitive and rapid fire audition process

for orchestral jobs. I came across many musicians who could play brilliantly but needed guidance

in audition technique. I did not have time to help them and all and many who I did help, were

travelling miles just for 1 hour of my time. It seemed crazy. Most professionals are pleased to be

able to help young aspiring musicians but due to their hectic schedules, they just can’t fit in extra

lessons when it suits them both. Online seemed like to obvious 21st century solution.

How does Musical Orbit work?

Professional musicians advertise time slots for sale. Anyone-  amateur/aspiring professional or

student can buy a slot, pay with paypal and then receive their lesson at the allotted time through

our platform (similar to skype).

How are the teachers recruited?

The teachers are professional musicians-  people I have worked with over my 20 year career.

You can view their biographies on their pages on the site and see what sort of player they are

and hear them play through links to itunes/youtube.

More teachers from all over the world are joining all the time, recommended by other professional


If I am a student studying for my diploma or a grade exam does Musical Orbit have

anything to offer me?

The beauty of Musical Orbit is that we can help musicians in all walks of life! Amateur musicians,

preparing for a concert or summer course perhaps and people preparing for grade exams who

want a fresh pair of expert ears to help them alongside their regular lessons can buy a one off

lesson whenever it suits them. They can mix and match the pro musicians they learn with and

choose a time to suit them. If there isn’t a time advertised to suit them, we will try and arrange

one at a mutually convenient time.

If I want a lesson with Musical Orbit what equipment do I need?

You need a computer with a webcam and built in mic and speakers and broadband connection.

We suggest using a wired broadband connection (ethernet cable – £2.50  on Amazon) if you can

rather than wifi to give the best, most consistent signal -to get the most out of your lesson.

What happens if a lesson is cut off because of technical problems?

If the lesson is terminated because of tech problems at our end, we will refund your money or

rearrange the lesson.

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons cost from £24 for half and hour up to £99 depending on who you would like to learn with.

How and when do I pay if I want to book a lesson?

You pay with Paypal on the site at the point of choosing your lesson.

Do I have to book a series of lessons or can I book just one?

You can book just one at a time. Just pick and mix as you like!

Is Musical Orbit aimed at budding professionals or musical amateurs?

Both. Although it was set up with budding pros in mind, we are thrilled that we can help musicians

of all levels. Our teachers are able to help people from early grades up to professional standard.

What languages are lessons conducted in?

Usually English although we have a few teachers offering two or more languages, including

Mandarin!  Our pool of teachers is expanding all the time though and if someone requests

someone to teach them in a particular language we will try and find them one.

What are the advantages of Musical Orbit’s method of teaching?

Access. Through this system anyone can access musicians of the highest calibre, no matter

where they live. People can have a lesson from the convenience of their sitting room- no need to

pay babysitters or have expense of time consuming travel.

What are the disadvantages of Musical Orbit’s method of teaching and how do you

overcome them?

Although there are certain things teachers cannot do online, like showing how finger pressure

feels, our musicians have developed new ways of teaching- of being more descriptive in their

language and demonstrating perhaps more than they would have. Of course, if you do have a

great teacher around the corner from you, then that’s wonderful but if you don’t you can still have

a fantastic lesson through this medium.

What has the feedback from students and teachers been?

Brilliant! Many of the teachers were nervous to use the system to start with, not knowing how it

would feel to teach online but as soon as they had done it for 5 mins they told me how relieved

they were that it was easy. The students who’ve had lessons have been over the moon – they’ve

been telling me how brilliant it is to be able to access these musicians and particularly to be able

to record the lesson to refer to afterwards when they’re practising.When we set it up we had a few

teething problems – public wifi is not great for the quality of connection that is required so either

your home wifi or ideally an ethernet connection is best.

What does the future hold for Musical Orbit?

We are in talks with schools and music services in the Middle and Far East and Africa about

setting up lessons, masterclasses and lectures and also with summer music festivals in the US

and Iceland. We hope soon all the great musicians of the world will be available at the click of a

button, ready to help music lovers regardless of geographical location. The music community can

then become truly global.


For more details visit Musical Orbit’s website

Musical Orbit Logo


For any enquiries:

Olivia Brown

+44 (0)20 3422 3344

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