Music on Stage conference Rose Bruford College Oct 2012, timetable day 2

9.30 Registration and coffee (Room 2)                                                                                          Sunday October 21, 2012
10 Keynote speech – Dr. Nicholas Baragwanath (Nottingham)– Room 7
11 coffee (Room 2)
Room 7 Room 12
11.30 Dr Trevor Siemens    Nono 11.30 Dr Ian Cook    Mozart tempi 
12.00 Maia Sigua    Reich 12.00 Barry Mitchell    Schubert Octet 
12.30 David Kennerley    Bodies and Voices  12.30 David Zoob     Performance
1 lunch (Room 2)
2.00  Dr Tanya Sirotina    Victory over the Sun  2.00  Alejandro Postigo    Copla
2.30  Prof. Bill  Everett    San Toy  2.30  Ana Farinha    Music festivals
3.00  Boris Wong    Sondheim  3.00 Alicia Valquero    The TV stage
4.00 Close and Tea (Room2)

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