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Performances of Mount of Olives in Britain during the 19th century

October 27, 2010

Some British performances of Beethoven’s oratorio Mount of Olives, 1814-1890.

1814       Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London.
1819       Edinburgh Musical Festival, Parliament House.   
1823       Liverpool Grand Musical Festival.   
1832       As Cristo Sull Oliveto. London, The King’s Theatre.  Performed by the united Companies of the Italian French and German artists the theatre accompanied by Bands of the Opera, Ancient Music and Philharmonic Concerts. 
1834       London, Hanover Square Rooms, pupils of the Royal Academy of Music. 
1836       London, Hanover Square Rooms, pupils of the Royal Academy of Music.  
1836       Manchester Music Festival.   
1855       London, St. Martin’s Hall.   
1864       Birmingham Musical Festival.
1870       London, Crystal Palace.   
1876       Exeter Hall, the Strand, London, Sacred Harmonic Society.   
1880       York, York Musical Society.   
1881       Worcestershire Musical Festival.   
1882       Birmingham Musical Festival.   
1883       Wolverhampton.   
1890       London,Crystal Palace.   
1890       Worcestershire Musical Festival.


19th Century British Library Newspapers, Gale Group Databases, The British Library, <> (accessed 1 October 2010).

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