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Clara Schumann to Brahms, 4 April 1876

October 10, 2010

CLARA to Brahms.

14, Hyde Park Gate, LONDON, April 4.


I have not written to you for a long time – I could not on account of my arm.  But I cannot rest to-day before having told you what pleasure I had yesterday.  We played your F minor Quintet and had a tremendous success with it.  The enthusiasm rose after each movement, and at the end we were recalled amid loud cheers.  As you can well imagine, we played with no little enthusiasm ourselves.  Although I know you do not care to hear other people play your things, I could not help thinking that you would have been rather pleased all the same.  I was again completely carried away by the profoundity, thoughtfulness and passionate feeling of this piece.  It is a wonderfully stirring work!…

Best love form Your ever fathful CLARA.

Litzmann, Berthold, Ed., Letters of Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms 1853-1896, Vol. I, Edward Arnold & Co. 1927, p.288.

Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann


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