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Clara Schumann to Brahms, 2 June 1874

October 1, 2010

Clara to Brahms

TEPLITZ, June 2. [1874]

Dearest Johannes,

…Have you, in your part of the world, heard about the proposal for a new tombstone? My one fear is that they will produce something in bad taste. What I should like above all is something quite simple. You know my views about monuments, which, in my opinion, are best erected by notable people in their own works…Joachim must have told you about Faust in Berlin. At times the choral parts were very beautiful. Musicians, however, cannot help every minute recognizing the amateur in Stockhausen. It is extraordinary how it creeps out, and, when a man has not made a thorough study of music in his earliest youth (I refer to the actual craft of music, if I may express it), the fact remains stamped upon him for the rest of his life…

Your old CLARA


The “new tombstone” was to be erected over Robert Schumann’s grave.

Litzmann, Berthold, Ed., Letters of Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms 1853-1896, Vol. I, Edward Arnold & Co. 1927, pp. 285-286.


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