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Clara Schumann to Brahms, 23 Oct 1875

September 29, 2010

Clara to Brahms.

Berlin, Oct. 23, [1875] 11 ZELTEN N.W.


…The plan about the Hochschule has come to nothing, though I hear about it until the end of last month. At heart I am very glad and now I am back here I feel it all the more, for, as you say, a post of that sort brings many unpleasantnesses in its train. Joachim writes to say, however, that in spite of this they have not given up all thought of me.

I had an idea that you would come to Munich too. Manfred was beautiful, but I was a little disturbed by the scenic arrangements, and Possart, despite all this art and mastery, leaves me cold. Unfortunately the pleasure I had that evening was somewhat marred by the evening that followed, for, being in Munich, I had to see Tristan. The Vogel couple are certainly magnificent singers, but I cannot remember ever having heard or seen anything more odious than this opera. Anyone who can listen to it or see it with pleasure must surely lack all moral feeling. That they should dare to offer such a piece to a cultured public, or to the public desiring to be cultured, is a terribly sad proof of the demoralization of the age. But even to think about it makes me boil with indignation. so let us say no more about it…

I hope you are investing your money safely. These are dangerous times with all these swindling concerns about. What about your Author’s Rights in Paris? Do not fail to see to this. All you need to do is to write a friendly word of two to Durand et Schoenwerk (you can write in German but use Latin script).

Give me the pleasure of news from you soon, dear Johannes, and with affectionate remembrances, I remain Ever yours,


Litzmann, Berthold, Ed., Letters of Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms 1853-1896, Vol. I, Edward Arnold & Co. 1927, p. 287.

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