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Brahms and Clara Schumann to Robert Schumann 27 Mar. 1855

June 18, 2010

Brahms and Clara to Schumann
Düsseldorf, March 27


A thousand thanks for your dear letter to me today.  How much I enjoyed it all.  And further special thanks for having been the means of enabling me to give your wife the most delightful of greetings when she arrived.  Your letter to her came an hour or two before she herself appeared.  I am delighted that you have got to know Joachim’s Variations.  I knew beforehand that you would love them.  I also regard Joachim’s works as surprisingly beautiful and new, and I look forward to each fresh one as an event. 

We shall soon send you his Heinrich-Overture, but I should like always to bring the most beautiful things, including this Overture, to you myself.  I should hate to have this pleasure taken from me; you will enjoy it immensely.  How often we think alike!  We had already thought the same as you about Verhulst.  You ask for an atlas.  As a matter of fact I had already thought of sending you the fine one that goes with Humbolt’s works.  For the present I am sending the Schubert one.  If you want the other just let me know.  We forgot to send the arrangements of the Paganini Studies yesterday, so here they are now.  Your wife’s absence has seemed very long to me.  It is really hard enough when we two are obliged to yearn for the other two (you and Joachim)!  What a pity it is  we all have to be separated. I greet the spring right cheerfully and am full of the most beautiful plans and  hopes for it and the summer.

Once more heartiest thanks for all the kind things you feel about my F Sharp minor Sonata.  But fortunately you yourself have written that certain men (particularly yourself) often discover stars where others see only mist – and where perhaps there really is only mist.  With heartiest love and respect.
Your Johannnes.

Litzmann, Berthold, Ed., Letters of Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms 1853-1896, Vol. I, Edward Arnold & Co. 1927

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