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Chords Test, Treble Clef

October 3, 2009

Test your knowledge of chords by identifying these chords then scrolling down for the answers.  The chords are numbered 1-52 with a chord number given at the start of each line.

chords test treble clef

chords test treble clef


line 1

1. C major, root position  2.  G major, first inversion  3.  F major, root position  4.  C major, first inversion

line 2

5.  d minor, first inversion  6.  B flat major, first inversion  7.  E flat major, root position  8.  D major, first inversion

line 3

9.  D flat major, root position  10.  c minor, first inversion  11.  f sharp minor, first inversion  12.  E major, root position

line 4

13.  B flat major, second inversion  14.  e minor, first inversion  15.  diminished 7th on D  16.  a minor, first inversion

line 5

17.   G major 7 (minor 7th), root position, usually V7a in C major  18.  diminished 7th on C  19.  D major augmented is the usual name for this chord, though it does not contain an augmented interval: the B flat sounds like an augmented 5th of the chord, i.e. an A sharp; this chord is most likely to be found in g minor and could then be regarded as V13, where the B flat (the 13th) will resolve by falling to A therefore creating chord V in G; or, the chord could be followed by chord i in g minor in which case the B flat will probably fall to the g in the chord of g minor  20.  D major, root position

line 6

21.  b flat minor, root position  22.  B major, first inversion  23.  a minor, root position  24.  A major, first inversion

line 7

25.  a flat minor, root position  26.  E flat major 7 (minor 7th), root position  27.  C major 7 (minor 7th), root postion, usually V7a in F major  28.  f minor 7 (minor 7th) with a diminished 5th; usually ii7a in e flat minor

line 8

29.  G flat major, first inversion  30.  d minor, root position with an added 6th, usually ii7b in a minor  31.  f sharp minor 7 (minor 7th), first inversion, usually V7b in B  32.  diminished 7th on G

line 9

33.  c sharp minor, root position  34.  A flat major 7 (minor 7th), first inversion, usually V7b in A flat  35.  g minor, first inversion  36.  E major 7 (minor 7th), root position, usually V7a in a minor

line 10

37.  c minor 7 (minor 7th) with a diminished 5th, usually ii7a in b flat minor  38.  g minor root position with an added 6th, usually ii7b in d minor  39.  F major 7 (major 7th), root position  40.  G major 7 (minor 7th), first inversion, usually V7b in C major

line 11

41.  A major, first inversion  42.  E flat major, first inversion  43.  e flat minor, first inversion  44.  b minor, root position

line 12

45.  B major 7 (minor 7th) root position, usually V7a in E  46.  A major 7 (minor 7th), root position, usually V7a in D  47.  diminished 7th on F  48.  C major, second inversion

line 13

49.  g sharp minor, first inversion  50.  D flat major, first inversion  51.  C major, first inversion  52.  f sharp minor, first inversion

5 Comments leave one →
  1. William Davies permalink
    February 17, 2010 4:39 pm

    Thanks for posting this information on your web. I’m pursuing an interest in being able to take a Christian Hymnal and interpret the chords for guitar so I can play and sing the hymn. Many over-popular hymns I have already, but it is the obscure ‘gems’ I’m interested in. There are many sites on the web that offer lyrics, but it is the proper guitar chords I’m in need of. Love the hymns. Great melodies and inspirational words. I’m hopingyour information wil help in this regard. Thanks, William.

    • February 17, 2010 6:19 pm

      That sounds like a very interesting project. I am learning guitar chords myself at the moment (wondering if it is possible to play an F7) so I can appreciate what you are trying to do. One thing I am working on for this site is a list of all the chords used in every key, or most of them anyway. It may be a while before I get that finished but I suggest you have a look again later in the year.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    July 27, 2011 8:29 am

    I believe chord 26 should be an Eb Dominant 7th Chord :)

  3. Anonymous permalink
    October 20, 2011 6:56 pm

    i need the notes for the treble clef like CAB etc.

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