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CPE Bach Obituary,1788

August 24, 2008

The following obituary for CPE Bach appeared in the Hamburgischer unpartheyischer Correspondent in 1788. According to HG Ottenberg it is probably by CF Cramer.

Yesterday our City lost a very remarkable and famous man. At ten o clock in the evening Herr Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Kapellmeister and since 3 November 1767 Director of Music in this City, passed away. …. He was one of the greatest theoretical and practical musicians, the author of the Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen, a most discerning expert in the rules of harmony and of strict musical composition, a most accurate observer of the same, and a keyboard player who in his kind has probably never been equalled. His compositions are masterpieces and will remain outstanding long after all the modern rubbish has been forgotten. In him the art of music has lost one of its greatest adornments and the name of Carl Philipp Emanuel will always be venerated. In company he was lively and vivacious, full of wit and spirit, cheerful and happy among his friends, whose deep sense of loss at his death is shared by the present writer, who had the great good fortune to be honoured with the intimate friendship of the deceased.

Hamburgischer unpartheyischer Correspondent, no. 201, 16 Dec. 1788.
Quoted in: Ottenberg, Hans-Günter, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (trans. PJ Whitmore), OUP, 1987, ISBN 0 19 315246 0, p.183.

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